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Caring Estate Sales is a full service estate sale company in Minneapolis that offers Estate Liquidation, Appraisals, Internet Auctions and Downsizing a Senior.

estate liquidation mnEstate Liquidation

We take care of all aspects of an estate sale, including the display, appraisal and pricing, and advertising.
• We stage the sale to be clean, organized, and respectful to the estate. 
• We display your goods to best advantage, providing tables, tablecloths, shelving, small display cases or other items as needed.
• We appraise and price everything prior to the estate sale.
• We handle the bookkeeping, maintain the safety and security of the merchandise, and our friendly staff provides great customer service.
• Our prices reflect today's market with the focus on generating sales. Our experience with the Minneapolis marketplace, plus our researching skills, results in our ability to reach our goal for an estate sale - to empty the house while generating proceeds for the client.
We will do an estate content analysis for you at no charge. Contact us for further information.
PLEASE NOTE: The success of an estate sale depends on a large variety of contents. If you toss out or donate items BEFORE you call us, you may eliminate our ability to conduct a sale.

Selling Individual Items

If an estate sale isn't possible or preferred, one solution is to select some of the higher value items and sell them on consignment on eBay. We inventory the items, discuss realistic pricing, photograph the items in our office, and then compose sale listings designed to sell. We handle the listing, customer service, and shipping: we send you a check for your proceeds!
The other solution may be for us to purchase items of interest. If you want a quicker liquidation of a few items, we might be able to tender a cash offer for those items that we know have a strong resale market.

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Household Clean Outs

After a sale, most houses still need to be emptied of remaining items. Our staff will pack items for charity pick up, and dispose of items charity will not take.  We will arrange a dumpster if needed. We will leave the house broom clean and vacuumed.

If you have a residence that needs to be emptied, but contains mostly items that don't have resale potential for an estate sale, we can provide a complete clean-out service so you can prepare the house for sale or closing. 

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Real Estate Agent Coordination
Picking a realtor is a big task, we can help.  BayShore Realty Agent Liz Anderson is experienced working through the trials of moving, estate liquidation, fix up and staging.  We recommend her highly, because we see her record of success with our Minnesota clients.  If you have already selected your realtor, we will be happy to coordinate with them on our work schedule and showings.

So let us make it easy for you.  CALL US AT 763-755-6446 OR EMAIL This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it